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Sea Kayaks on Stave Island Frenchman Bay Maine Coast

Nautical By Nature, LLC is a small guide service providing custom private sea kayak tours exploring the coast of Maine.  My wife and I keep our operation small with no store front, so we have no need to sell our tours to the max capacity allowed by the state.  Providing only private charters makes it easier to meet, if not exceed expectations. 


Our goal is to share the very best parts of the coast, which are a little off the beaten path.    We would love to take you out of the hustle and bustle of some of the busier parts of the coast to some of our favorite spots which are equally, if not more visually striking, and with more opportunities to see wildlife.

Most of our preferred Tour locations are only about an hour from Bar Harbor, if that is where you are staying.  We truly feel that the drive will be well worth the time: and can be an enjoyable undertaking on its own.  To quote one of our clients from the 2020 season, "this is the Maine I was expecting" We are excited for you venture out with Nautical by Nature, you will visit beaches and harbors that will show you why the sign that welcomed you to Maine said, "The way life should be."

Naskeag Point Boat Launch Brooklin Maine
Sunset On Gearge Head Island Maine Coast Stonington

At Nautical By Nature, we have a strong commitment to protecting and preserving the wild places in Maine and all over the world.  We adhere to 'Leave No Trace' principles.  We are also very grateful for the work being done by local conservation organizations and support their mission to conserve and protect wild lands.  Many of the areas we visit would be inaccessible without their good work.  In addition to leaving the ocean and beaches cleaner than we find them, we also donate a portion of our profits each year to help fund the efforts of The Maine Island Trail Association (MITA), the Maine Coast Heritage Trust (MCHT), and the Island Heritage Trust (IHT)  More information about these great organizations can be found on our resources page.

Sea Kayak Tours

Sea Kayaks on a beach exploring Penobscot Bay and Deer Isle Maine

Penobscot Bay Tour

Paddle into the islands just to the west of Little Deer Isle to explore the geologically diverse shoreline and observe the abundant wild life.

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The Ovens Tour

Explore the north end of Mount Desert Island and paddle to a cliff with sea caves.  Even our most protected trip is sure to please.

Sea Kayaker makes a landing on Seller's Island in Brooklin Maine

Naskeag Point Tour

Explore the interesting and geologically diverse islands of Brooklin Maine and Eggemoggin Reach.  With less boat traffic, these islands team with wildlife!

A sea kayaker passes the Lighthouse on Little Nash Island in Addison Maine

Tour "Playlist"

There are simply too many great tour options to feature, so we have curated a "playlist" of some of our favorites!  Please contact us if you  have a specific location in mind that is not listed.

Sea kayaker near Pickering Island in Penobscot Bay near Deer isle Maine

Pickering Island Adventure

Strike out into Penobscot Bay and explore several islands with Pickering Island as the goal.  With an ever-changing coastline and plenty of wildlife, this is a day on the water that's sure to please!

Sea Kayaks on a beach in Stave Island Preserve Frenchamn Bay Maine

Stave Island Adventure

Enjoy panoramic views and abundant wildlife as you explore North and East Frenchman Bay on your journey visiting the Maine Coast Heritage Trail (MCHT) Stave Island Preserve.  

The dramatic and rocky shore of the Islands neer Deer Isle Maine

Jericho Bay Adventure

From Brooklin Maine, traverse the top of Jericho Bay to these rugged and beautiful MITA islands. Beautiful scenery, adventure and plenty of wildlife await you.

Sea Kayaks on a beach in the Roque Island Archipelago, Dwoneast Maine

Adventure "Playlist"

There are simply too many great tour options to feature, so we have curated a "playlist" of some of our favorites!  Please contact us if you  have a specific location in mind that is not listed.

Sea Kayaker paddles along Little Deer Isle on the Maine Coast

Penobscot Bay Expedition

Venture out of Deer Isle and into Maine's largest bay.  With many island camping sites and options for exploration, the only limits are the weather and your schedule.

sea kayaker exploring Mark Island Light near Stonington Maine

Merchant's Row Expedition

Typically departing from Naskeag Point in the town of Brooklin, this expedition will traverse the top of Jericho Bay and explore the world famous  Deer Isle Archipelago.

Sea Kayaker paddles along Stave Island in Frenchman Bay Maine

Frenchman Bay Expedition

Boasting beautiful views of Acadia National Park, breathtaking coastline and plenty of wildlife, spending several days exploring Frenchman Bay is sure to satisfy!

Sea Kayakers paddle pas Outer Sands Island Downeast Maine Coast

Expedition "playlist"

There are simply too many great tour options to feature, so we have curated a "playlist" of some of our favorites!  Please contact us if you  have a specific location in mind that is not listed.



"Peter was easy going and very professional. He took our first-time kayaking group of 6, including a 10 and 12 year old, on very enjoyable trip. His instruction was thorough and his knowledge of the local area, wildlife, and lore was exceptional and entertaining. Peter allowed us to set the pace of the trip, making for relaxing excursion. Highly recommend!"


"Peter took my husband and I on a 4 hour tour off Sorrento Beach. We worked our way thru the islands out to the bay and back with a stop to stretch. He was very knowledgeable and we learned a lot about sea life in this region. The trip was enjoyable with Peter pointing out all the details of the area. He made sure we had a good outing."

Why hire a guide?

There is a reason large ships hire local pilots to navigate our Maine harbors – there is simply no substitute for knowledge and experience.  The coast of Maine is known throughout the world for both its beauty and its unpredictability.  Our cold coastal waters, which bring huge tidal shifts, interesting weather patterns and sometimes legendary fog, require a depth of knowledge a registered Sea Kayak Guide will provide on your excursion.  At Nautical By Nature, a seasoned Guide will anticipate and avoid potential dangers, charting a course that will allow you to safely experience the magnificence of our bold coastline.

The Schooner Margaret Todd in the fog ghosting past Green Can #7 in Frenchman Bay near Bar Harbor Maine
sea kayaking Jordan's Delight Downeast maine Coast Island

With 20+ years of paddling experience, we’ve got a little insider information.  A Guide can increase your chances of seeing a variety of ocean life – from sea birds to seals, we know where we’re likely to find wildlife.  We strive to offer this access all the while minimizing our impact on the place these creatures call home. 

And finally, with over 3,000 miles of coastline, Maine has a lot of nooks and crannies.   One of the biggest draws of an ocean adventure via sea kayak is the inimitable perspective it brings.  You get up close and personal with the distinctive geology of Maine’s rocky coast.  A Guide knows how to access some of the best kept secrets of our coast.  This know-how will provide you with a true Maine adventure – one that will only leave you wanting more!


Registered Maine Guide Patch
star of life
  • Registered Maine Guide

  • Paramedic (retired)*

  • AHA Basic Life Support (CPR)

  • Advanced Cardiac Life Support

  • Pediatric Advanced Life Support

  • Prehospital Trauma Life Support

  • Geriatric Emergency Medical Services

*without the resources of an ambulance I am only able to provide care at the level of basic first aid and CPR. 

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