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Merchant's Row Expedition

Sea kayakers have traveled from around the world just to paddle the Deer Isle Archipelago. Merchants Row is a passage cutting through to southern area of the archipelago.  The multitude of islands bustle with lobster fishing and other boaters, but with so many islands it does not feel crowded.  These islands have a rich history team with wildlife.  There is also a high concentration of Islands with campsites and other access.  The Maine Coast Heritage Trust, the Island Heritage Trust, and the Maine Island Trail combined have been able to create preserves or get private land owners to grant access to a great number of the island in the amazing area.

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3-day Expedition Overview

These Google Earth images show one possible 3-day Merchant's Row Expedition.  The first image is an overview of all 3-days.  This would be a base camp style trip where at the end of day one a camp would be established.  The next day would consist of touring the islands that our campsite makes accessible and returning to camp.  There are many options in the Merchant's Row area including the possibility of reaching Isle Au Haut which boasts a section of Acadia National Park.  Options of expeditions with moving camps and possible crossing of the bay are also available.  The exact course and destinations are made at the time of the trip are subject to weather, and group abilities.

What to Expect

  • 6 to 8 hours of comfortably paced Kayaking

  • Average distance of 6 to 10 miles a day

  • Possible harbor seal, grey sea and, harbor porpoise sightings

  • Possible bald eagle, osprey, common loon, black guillemot sightings, as well as other seabirds

  • exceptional scenery

  • A couple of breaks on beaches to eat, stretch, and explore

  • A very good chance to get wet

  • the best nights sleep you have ever had

Outfitting levels and cost

Outfitting Level: 1 Guide Only

  • $375/day for the first person $75/day/each additional person.

  • You provide your own food, water, kayaking, and camping gear.

  • We provide the guide and local knowledge

Outfitting Level: 2 Guide and Kayaking Gear​

  • $450/day for the first person, $125/day/each additional person.

  • You provide your own food, water and camping gear

  • We provide the Kayaking gear, the guide and the local knowledge.

Outfitting level 3: Guide, Kayaking Gear, Food & Water

  • $600/day for the first person, $200/day/each additional person.

  • All you will need to provide is your camping gear .

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