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Multi-day Expeditions

A sea kayaker paddles near Little Deer Isle in Penobscot Bay

Penobscot Bay Expedition

Venture out of Deer Isle and into Maine's largest bay.  With many island camping sites and options for exploration, the only limits are the weather and your schedule.

A sea kayak on a beach near stonington

Merchant's Row Expedition

Typically departing from Naskeag Point in the town of Brooklin, this expedition will traverse the top of Jericho Bay and explore the world famous  Deer Isle Archipelago.

A sea kayaker paddles near Stave Island in Frenchamn Bay

Frenchman Bay Expedition

Boasting beautiful views of Acadia National Park, breathtaking coastlines and plenty of wildlife, spending several days exploring Frenchman Bay is sure to satisfy!

Sea kayakers paddle near Outer Sands Island near Addison

Expedition "playlist"

There are simply too many great tour options to feature, so we have curated a "playlist" of some of our favorites!  Please contact us if you  have a specific location in mind that is not listed.

Multi-day expeditions

Our Multi-day Expeditions are perfect for those looking to get out and lost in nature for a couple of days.  These trips will include a full day of paddling around 8 to 10 miles and then camping on an island.  You can select between setting a base camp and exploring and area for a day or two or a true expedition where we will move camp each day.  A trip like this has additional challenges that don't apply to a day trip but we feel the rewards far exceed the challenges.  We offer several levels of outfitting for our expeditions.  You can select one of our featured tours above or from the playlist below.  If we don't already have a location listed that interests you please contact us and we can figure the best way to achieve your paddling goals

Sunrise on George Head Island

What to Expect

  • 6 to 8 hours of comfortably paced Kayaking

  • Average distance of 6 to 10 miles a day

  • Possible harbor seal, grey sea and, harbor porpoise sightings

  • Possible bald eagle, osprey, common loon, black guillemot sightings, as well as other seabirds

  • exceptional scenery

  • A couple of breaks on beaches to eat, stretch, and explore

  • A very good chance to get wet

  • the best nights sleep you have ever had

Outfitting levels and cost

Outfitting Level: 1 Guide Only

  • $375/day for the first person $75/day/each additional person.

  • You provide your own food, water, kayaking, and camping gear.

  • We provide the guide and local knowledge

Outfitting Level: 2 Guide and Kayaking Gear​

  • $450/day for the first person, $125/day/each additional person.

  • You provide your own food, water and camping gear

  • We provide the Kayaking gear, the guide and the local knowledge.

Outfitting level 3: Guide, Kayaking Gear, Food & Water

  • $600/day for the first person, $200/day/each additional person.

  • All you will need to provide is your camping gear .

Expedition Playlist

Tour Adventure Level Rating

To help you figure out which tour is right for you next to the tour name on it's featured page or in the play list you will find icons which will describe the estimated adventure level.  Below you will find a key which shows the icons with a description of the factors used to determine each rating.  All featured tours are designed to be green circle trips, and featured adventures and expeditions are designed to be yellow diamond.  Keep in mind that the rating is an estimate and is fluid like the ocean and dependent on the weather conditions of the day.


  • The Tour is conducted at a relaxed pace intended distance is easily achievable. 

  • Open water crossings typically less than 1 mile

  • Limited open water exposure plenty of shelter from the wind. 

  • Many options to mostly avoid rough water. 

  • Plenty of bailout points and lots of beaches to stop on if needed.

  • Less challenging tidal currents


  • Tours are conducted at a relaxed pace, the intended mileage is easily achievable but usually longer than green circle. 

  • open water crossing less than 1.5 miles.

  • Greater exposure to open water conditions less protection from wind. 

  • Less options to avoid adverse weather. 

  • Greater chance of paddling in rough water.

  • Less bailout options or places to land

  • less challenging tidal currents

Wicked Adventurous:

  • Longer mileage, requires increased effort to achieve intended goals

  • Extended open water exposure, with little to no protection from wind 

  • Less options to avoid wind, and adverse weather conditions

  • Greater potential for paddling in rough water or big water

  • Few bailout options or landing sites available

  • potentially long distances between landings

  • potentially strong tidal currents

Multi-day Expedition Playlist

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