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A sea kayaker paddles past the Ovens on a sunny day

What to bring...

What We Provide

For your excursion, Nautical By Nature will provide the following items:

  • Kayak

  • Paddle

  • Personal Floatation Device (PFD) 

  • Spray Skirt

  • Spray Jacket(when needed)

  • Drybags 

  • Waterproof Cell Phone Case(fits most phones)

Complementary spray jackets
phone cases

What to Bring

Kayaking in the Gulf of Maine should be considered an in the water sport.  It will expose you to the most beautiful places in Maine and it will also expose you to the elements.  Proper dress and preparation is important for safety and comfort.  With this in mind, we offer the following suggestions for what you should bring with you:


    • Plan on getting wet.  For your comfort and safety, we recommend NON-COTTON clothing.  Consider work-out clothing or anything made with polypropylene.  Fleece or polyester-based fabrics will dry faster and continue to provide warmth.

    • The waters in the Gulf of Maine are notoriously cold.  Even on a hot day there is often a sea breeze which can be cold and sometimes strong.  We strongly advise bringing an insulating layer or two.  Your boat has storage compartments if you want to tuck it away until you need it.  Once again, please try to avoid cotton clothing.

    • Fog, mist, and rain is quite common in Maine.  We are  used to contending with these conditions.  Surprisingly, they make for some of the best days on the water.  A shell layer to break the wind and keep moisture at bay would serve you very well on the water.

    • At this time, in consideration of COVID-19, we are unable to provide footwear at this time.  Proper footwear includes any water shoe or sandal with a heel strap that will keep the sandal on your feet. For your safety, we require footwear.  Plan on any footwear you bring getting wet with salt water.

    • A hat is also recommended.  A ball cap is fine.  A wide-brimmed hat will provide better sun protection for your face and neck.


    • Even on a foggy or cloudy day you can still get a bad sunburn.


    • The reflection off the water can be very bright and there is no shade on the ocean.  Polarized sunglasses will be most comfortable.

  • WATER:

    • Kayaking is an athletic activity.  If you don't bring water, there will be nowhere to get drinking water once we leave.

  • FOOD:

    • Please bring lunch or a snack, depending on how long your trip is.  Paddling will build quite an appetite.


    • We can provide drybags but we do not guarantee the safety of your electronics.  Feel free to bring a camera to capture the scenery, but know the ocean is a very unfriendly environment for electronics.  We suggest leaving cell phones and DSLRs behind and using a point and shoot camera, which are more durable. 


    • Waterproof binoculars can be useful, but keep in mind, the ocean is constantly moving and makes devices with a long focal length difficult to use.

Lunch on Pond Island Douglass Islands Sea kayaking
Sea Kayaking Long Pocupine
Sea Kayaking Bald Porcupine Island Frenchman Bay Bar Harbor
Sea kayakers enjoying a moody sunset

Can I bring my own equipment?

With a few provisions, the answer is yes.  We understand your own gear may feel the most comfortable for you.  Prior to departing, your gear will be inspected to ensure it meets the following standards:

  • Boats must be seaworthy.  That mean that your boat must have multiple bulkheads or other adequate flotation.  Also it must be a closed deck boat.  Sit-on-top kayaks expose the paddler to the environment and increase the risk of hypothermia.  Boats also must be in proper working order with no holes in the hull or deck.  Bulkheads and hatches must be water tight.

  • Paddles must be in fair or better condition without signs of fatigue or visible signs of possible breaking.

  • PFDs must be type III PFD's which meets USCG regulations for safety and maintenance.  This includes having a whistle tethered to it so the wearer can use it to signal for help if needed.

Autumn Sunset sea kayaking in Bar harbor Maine Frenchman bay
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