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Sea kayakers paddle past Pickering Island

Pickering Island Adventure

In Penobscot Bay just a over a mile from Little Deer Isle lies Pickering Island. This mostly wild Island is a little over a mile long and has a delightful shoreline which constantly changing There as sheep rocky chores and nice beaches.  The trip out from the Causeway Beach Preserve, maintained by the Island Heritage Trust, will have you island hopping and passing ledges frequented by harbor seals.  There are also lots of eagles and several osprey nests in the area.  This adventure covers about 9 nautical miles or 10.3 miles at a very relaxed pace with time for several stops and plenty of floating to enjoy the environment.

A sea kayaker paddles past Pickering Island
PIckering Island

Here you can see the course of one of our Pickering Island Adventures.  We paddled about 9.2 nautical miles(10.5 miles).  We paddled at a relaxed pace and made a couple of stops under beautiful mostly cloudy skies and calm seas.  The Google Earth image shows an approximation of areas that are possible to explore in a half day tour.  Weather and group abilities will determine that actual course that your group travel.  If you have a specific goal in mind let us know and we will try to make it happen.

What to Expect

  • 6 to 8 hours of comfortably paced Kayaking

  • Average distance of 8 to 10 miles

  • Possible harbor seals, grey seals and, harbor porpoise sightings

  • Possible bald eagle, osprey, common loon, black guillemot sightings, as well as other seabirds

  • exceptional scenery

  • A couple of breaks on a beach to eat, stretch, and explore

  • A very good chance to get wet

What is provided

  • Sea Kayaks solo or tandem

  • PFD(life jacket), Paddle, spray skirt, spray jacket(if needed), and waterproof phone case

  • Basic sea kayaking lesson and safety instruction

  • Registered Maine Guide

Price for private charter

  • $350 for the first paddler  then $75 Per additional paddler

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